As a leading wholesale bakery manufacturer with a vast distribution network across North America, Lantmännen Unibake USA is your reliable partner for premium bakery solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we seamlessly blend tradition and innovation to deliver European-inspired artisan bakery products to the market. We're here to support you every step of the way, offering assistance in product selection, recipe development, industry insights, and culinary innovation.


Since 1993, Euro-Bake has been a trusted name, offering a delightful range of artisan breads crafted in our St. Petersburg, FL bakery. Our passionate bakers are the driving force behind innovative products and flavor profiles, redefining the expectations of artisan bread. Euro-Bake provides a versatile selection of par-baked and fully-baked breads, preserved for freshness through freezing. Our commitment to all-natural ingredients and no preservatives ensures a wholesome experience for your customers. Explore the comforting simplicity of Euro-Bake artisan breads, perfect for enhancing your menu or filling in-store bakery shelves with quality. Whether you're in foodservice or retail, we're here to meet your needs and bring a touch of Euro-Bake excellence to your offerings. Connect with us today and let's elevate your bread experience together.

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Schulstad Bakery Solutions

Indulge in 150 years of pure pastry joy with Schulstad Bakery Solutions, where tradition meets modern delight. Proudly rooted in heritage yet embracing the latest baking techniques, Schulstad is the brand that brings simplicity and joy to your baking experience. Whether you're a foodservice operator or an in-store bakery, Schulstad is your partner for effortless delight. Our dedicated bakers, led by the visionary Viggo since 1880, infuse over a century of baking experience into crafting pastries with superior taste, aroma, and structure. Easy to customize for quick, casual, and convenient services, Schulstad pastries offer endless possibilities. From sweet icing and glazes to unique toppings and decorations, our pastries are the canvas for your joyful creativity. Join us in spreading joy through the simple pleasure of delicious pastries.

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Our sustainability strategy has a triple focus and rests on strong fundamentals of corporate responsibility.

At Unibake USA, we are committed to baking for a better world! Sustainability comes naturally to us, and we acknowledge the responsibility in how food is cultivated, produced, and consumed. As part of an agricultural cooperative owned by Scandinavian farmers, we share a global commitment to address the challenges of global warming. Our comprehensive three-point strategy focuses on sustainability and leveraging our unique strengths to impact the environment, health, and human potential positively. Through these initiatives, we aspire to make a meaningful and lasting difference in every country we serve.

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