Operating across all continents, Lantmännen Unibake is a global leader in bakery products. We are a collective of bakers, proud to honor the age-old tradition of bread while adapting to the lifestyle trends of the 21st century. Yet, we remain humble, acknowledging our place in history as ancient as civilization. Historical evidence reveals that breadmaking predates farming, making it one of the oldest prepared foods and a cornerstone of global nutrition today. From the inception of the value chain to the moment our bakery goods grace a plate, we uphold responsibility every step of the way.

  • We trace and ensure the integrity of our raw materials
  • We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint
  • We provide safe, high-quality products
  • We help consumers make healthy food choices
  • We conduct research that improves our products and helps us develop new ones
  • We have a safe, engaging workplace where our employees can grow and thrive

You can find all our activities as a responsible business under TrustCare and Respect.

Owned by Lantmännen

Our parent company, Lantmännen, stands as an agricultural cooperative and a frontrunner in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products throughout Northern Europe. Nurtured by the wisdom and principles transmitted across generations of farmers, Lantmännen is owned by 20,000 Swedish agriculturalists, supported by a workforce of 10,000 individuals, and operates across more than 20 countries. With an unwavering dedication to research, development, and operations spanning the grain value chain, together, we take responsibility from field to fork.

As a proud member of the Lantmännen Group, we comply with the Lantmännen Code of Conduct.