We can help delight your customers

Food-Away-From-Home is a highly dynamic and growing market with great potential for your business. The demand for convenient, prepared foods is high among consumers whose busy lives often lead them to choose convenient solutions. But not at the expense of quality or taste.

We can help you turn this huge potential to your advantage and make your business preferred by consumers. We offer labor-saving pastries that will delight and satisfy your customers while being easy for store operations to execute. Our freezer-to-oven pastries create the aroma of a real bakery with a minimum of effort for operators who are looking to bake-off daily.  For operators who are looking for lower labor solutions, we offer fully-baked Danish pastries that can be thawed and merchandized.

Together, we can grow your business!

Some of our tips

- Sometimes less is more! Focus on being the best at the products you offer. Sometimes that means offering a more limited assortment and doing it right.

- Bake several times a day so the products on display are always fresh – this is the best way to maximize sales and deliver quality

- Use your branding to stand out from the competition