Building a Respectful & Diverse Workplace

As a global bakery business, we have an important role in contributing to and preventing the impacts of climate change, and we seek to attract and retain the best and brightest to help us fulfill this task.

We operate in a diverse environment. This is evident in our workforce, customers, consumers, suppliers, communities, and partners. Empowering all our 6,000 leaders across functions and geographies is key to achieving our goals and retaining the success of our business.

To ensure this, we must provide a culture that is inclusive and reflective of our vision and values and a working environment where everyone has equal opportunities and can fulfill their potential and maximize their contribution regardless of individual differences. Every day, we experience inclusiveness and diversity in our teams, which increases creativity and enables us to make better decisions. We know that excellence in this area is critical to building a strong employer brand that attracts and engages the best people at all levels.

Code of Conduct

Reflecting the Society We Serve

We employ 6,000 people with a huge diversity of culture and background. A diverse workforce enables better decisions and Unibake is a stronger company when our people reflect difference in gender, race, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, age, level of education and socioeconomic status. We hire colleagues regardless of who they are and where they come from, without prejudice or bias. And we offer equal opportunities to develop through training programs and internal mobility opportunities.

We actively promote equal treatment, equality, and diversity. It is imperative to us to have a labor market where all competence is used, and we see that diversity contributes to Unibake’s continuous development. We work actively to ensure that our workplaces are stimulating for all employees, regardless of their sex, gender identity or gender expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age. We do not accept any form of discrimination, intimidation, oppression, or harassment.

Healthy & Safe Workplace ➜

The Power of All Generations

There are five generations in today’s workforce and finding ways to tailor our employment offers to fit all generations’ needs and requirements is a key component in mitigating the risk of critical workforce shortages in the future. While it is crucial to attract and engage future talent, it is equally important to have strong plans to hold onto experienced senior employees moving closer to retirement.

Let's Reimagine Your Career


Young Talent

A company that is focused on employee growth and development is more competitive in terms of recruitment and retention. Unpreparedness can result in a domino effect caused by the immediate need to fill a high-level leadership position, and the cascading gaps down the succession line as individuals are shifted up. Managing a sustainable talent pipeline across all functions is pivotal for the continued success of our business. Creating a workplace that attracts top industry talent and investing in ways to keep our talent around for the long run expands Unibake’s overall capacity for leadership and provides an engaged workforce that feels valuable to the business and is committed to its long-term success.

Supporting Young Talent

  • We strive to have an inclusive and comprehensive approach to young talent and work with various channels
  • We liase with schools and universities on a number of activities
  • We offer finacial support and donations to organizations that impact the youth.
  • We offer apprenticeships & internships
  • We offer part time positions for students that are doing their bachelor or master
  • We offer students to write their thesis with us (as part of bachelor, master or phd)

Seasoned Work Force

Many people are choosing to work past the traditional retirement age. Some enjoy the social interaction they have with coworkers. Others continue working for economic reasons. Senior workers make good employees. They bring years of experience and knowledge with them and many also offer additional benefits such as high employee engagement, a strong work ethic and strong interpersonal and people management skills.To mitigate the risk of critical workforce shortages in the future, strong plans to retain senior employees are equally important as plans to attract future talent. As an employer we are responsible for finding ways to engage our seasoned work force and have them stay with us for a longer time.

Gender Balance & Equality

It is our ambition to create a consistently high-trust workplace experience for everyone, no matter who they are or what they work with in Unibake. Offering opportunities for every gender to grow their career within Unibake to managerial roles, across all functions and organizational levels is a fundamental part of that.

A good gender balance in management fosters an enriching environment with different perspectives, it gives a wider talent pool in the entire organization, enriches collaboration, and increases engagement and contentment.

We measure gender balance at all levels:

  • Top management
  • Middle management
  • Team leaders

When we recruit for managerial positions, we always ensure that there is a good gender balance of candidates on the short list.

We aim to increase the proportion of women in all management positions to 50% by 2030.

Equal pay for equal jobs

It is a fundamental value in Unibake to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all gender. Part of that is also ensuring pay equity for equal work. Unibake has implemented measurable and observable criteria to determine pay. Internally equitable salary structures facilitated by job evaluation systems that measure jobs help us create more transparency about the remunerative value of specific jobs and ensure that we comply with our standpoint and ambition to eliminate discriminatory elements of pay gaps across our global business.

We ensure equal pay by doing the following:

  • We report all legally required statistics on equal gender pay
  • We proactively analyze gender pay equality on a regular basis, based on job evaluations, and take actions to close gaps
  • We review hiring and promotional practices to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers.
  • For new internal and external hirings, we ensure equal pay for equal work

Zero Tolerance of Discrimination and Harassment

Our work environment is where we work and spend our time during our working days. Our working conditions affect our ability to work to our full potential, our job satisfaction, and our sense of community and therefore, work environment actions are a natural part of our operations.

Work environment work should be long term and preventive and be a based on the national legislation in each of the countries where we operate – that said, it is in Unibake’s interest to keep to even higher standards to ensure that we remain an attractive an competitive employer.

Everyone is Treated Fairly and Equally

We do not accept any form of victimization, harassment, or discrimination and all our sites must always comply with national legislation on harassment and discrimination, including legislation on positive discrimination. We work to ensure that all employees are given equal pay for equal work in all the countries we operate in.

We will have zero reports of victimization, harassment, or discrimination in all our sites by 2030.

Teams with Different Backgrounds and Nationalities

We are continuously streamlining our workforce to improve inclusion and cultural diversity and build a workplace that is fit to meet the demands and skills of the future. We believe that an inclusive cultural approach leverages the differences of our employees and better reflects the society and communities in which we live. In addition, diversity in our teams help us discover unique solutions, make effective business decisions, and develop innovations that also take the diversity of consumers and customers into consideration.