With a presence across all continents, Lantmännen Unibake stands as a global frontrunner in bakery products. We embrace a rich heritage of baking, blending the timeless tradition of bread with the contemporary lifestyle trends of the 21st century. While we take pride in our role in advancing this age-old tradition, we also remain humble, recognizing that we are part of a history as ancient as civilization itself. Archaeological evidence indicates that bread-making predates agriculture, with stone-age artisans crafting the earliest loaves thousands of years ago. This historical legacy positions bread as one of humanity's oldest prepared foods, now recognized as a cornerstone of global nutrition.

Proudly Serving the USA

For over twenty-five years, we've been serving gourmet pastries and artisanal breads across the United States, with distribution extending throughout North America. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, our Euro-Bake artisan bread bakery stands as a cornerstone. Combining tradition with innovation for more than three decades, we've brought European-inspired artisanal bakery products to market. Our offerings span from ready-to-bake to par-baked and fully-baked, catering to the diverse needs of our partners and clients. With a mission to bring smiles to billions of tummies through the joy of food, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way, from product selection to recipe development, industry insights, and culinary innovation.

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The Joy of Food

Lantmännen Unibake has undergone huge changes over the years. However, the purpose of our business has never changed. It is all about the joy of food. We love our business: the aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries. The mouth-watering feeling and the happy melody our tummies play when we bite into a warm piece of bread or the crisp, flaky crust of a pastry. This is what gets us up in the morning.  

Our purpose is to see our breads and pastries make people feel satisfied and happy in every corner of the world. We aim to reach billions of people of all ages in all countries around the globe and make billions of tummies smile.

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Our Mission

Towards Billions of Smiling Tummies. At the heart of our mission is the aspiration to spread joy and satisfaction through our breads and pastries to every corner of the world. As bakers of joy, we are dedicated to reaching billions of individuals spanning all ages and nations to bring smiles to billions of tummies worldwide. 

Our Vision

Guided by our unwavering passion for baking and commitment to bringing joy through food, we have a clear vision of where we are heading. With established roots in multiple countries and a rich history built upon years of investment in expertise, we aspire to remain agile and poised to act swiftly in pursuit of our goals.

Culture & Organization 

Our culture is defined by openness, friendliness, and trust. We foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing across teams and borders to achieve our collective vision. Each of us flourishes within a larger context, where our potential can be realized across diverse businesses, cultures, and countries.

At Lantmännen Unibake, our strength lies in our diversity. With over 6,000 employees, we bring a wealth of backgrounds, skills, and experiences to the table. We cherish our individual uniqueness and unite to form a vibrant mix that enhances the essence of "One Unibake".

Baking for Better Opportunities for People

Always Hungry – A Never-ending Appetite For More

At the heart of our company lies a culture of entrepreneurship. Originally, Lantmännen Unibake flourished by acquiring local bakeries known for their strength in their respective markets. Through meticulous structuring, we laid the groundwork for the robust entity that Lantmännen Unibake embodies today, known as "One Unibake."

This approach unleashes the full potential of our subsidiaries by streamlining core processes and operations. We maintain local customer connections, agility, and accountability while leveraging the global prowess of our organization, all firmly grounded in our values. Our growth strategy balances acquisitions and organic expansion, fostering consolidation and cultivating a deeply integrated group structure.

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Bakers of Joy Since 1880

Rooted in a century-old baking legacy, we hold tradition as our foremost baking ingredient. Our mission is to seamlessly blend time-honored practices with innovation within a contemporary wholesale bakery environment. Through this fusion, we aim to infuse the delightful aroma of freshly baked goods into the streets and hearts of pastry and bread lovers worldwide.

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Fueling a sustainable and inclusive future through baking excellence.

At Lantmännen Unibake, our global mission is rooted in simplicity and purpose: to provide tasty, high-quality, and sustainable bakery products to people worldwide. We are more than just a bakery; we're a cooperative, farmer-owned family with a Nordic heritage, blending stability and practicality while nurturing a culture of open ideas.

Sustainability is at the core of our commitment as we strive to reduce emissions, minimize waste, and foster responsible sourcing. Aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, we collaborate with independent organizations to validate our sustainability practices. 

But our mission extends beyond baked goods. We prioritize human capital, emphasizing health, safety, diversity, and equality. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for growth and learning, ensuring every generation finds a place to thrive.

Our goal is clear: to bring joy to billions of tummies, leaving a lasting, positive impact on our planet and people.

Join us on our journey toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Baking for a Better World