Your in-store bakery is our priority!

The essence of an in-store bakery is that it should be easy and convenient for shoppers to buy freshly baked goods. Convenience should be part of the purchase experience without having to compromise on taste and quality.

We can help you create an in-store bakery that meets and exceeds shopper expectations. We deliver individual, tailor-made solutions to fit the needs of your in-store bakery. We offer a wide selection of products developed specifically for the in-store segment certain to boost your business. Our bake-off products create a genuine bakery atmosphere with freshly-baked aroma.

At Unibake, we have years of experience and hands-on insights in developing in-store bakery with our partners.

Cross Merchandizing

Add something unique and unexpected to your bakery or place bakery racks adjacent to other products to fulfil meal occasions. 

When your bakery continually features meal solutions, shopper purchase value is likely to increase. 

Embrace new consumer shopping needs!

All day shopper

By offering a product range that addresses eating needs throughout the day, you meet shopper needs at any given time, and your bakery becomes a focus for traffic all day.

Address all dayparts to be a complete solution for shoppers.

Product Range

Your bakery should deliver on both standard and inspirational products. By offering exciting new products alongside trusted favorites, you will increase purchase value per customer.

Inspire shoppers to upgrade their purchase.