Lantmännen Unibake is a global bakery and the second biggest bakery group in Europe. We create high quality products on an industrial scale. And it may surprise you to know that we are a cooperative owned by thousands of Scandinavian farmers.

At this moment we have 36 bakeries in 16 countries, supplying both fresh and frozen bread, cakes and pastries to over 60 international markets.

Although a loaf of bread or a croissant look simple enough, the complexities of baking and supplying them on such a massive scale to all corners of the planet requires an extremely sophisticated and multi-faceted operation, populated by passionate, energetic and talented people at all stages of their career and experience level.

But it’s still baking. Which is something we’re proud of.

Our mission? Billions of smiling tummies.

This will probably be one of the most unusual mission statements you have ever read. But it really is this simple. We are proud to be bakers and we want people all over the world to love what we make.

Regardless of our nationality, we eat bread because we are hungry and we eat cakes and pastries to make us happy. It’s been this way since the dawn of civilization and always will be. So the more customers we supply, in as many countries as possible, the more smiling tummies we will create. And the more successful our business will become. 

Our vision? To satisfy the appetite of the world.

We can only realize such an ambitious mission if we make it our daily goal to do more and more of what we do best: bake tasty bites for people of all ages, cultures and locations. We need to be a truly global bakery, not just one that’s strong in certain countries.

We need bakers on the ground who understand what people enjoy eating, not just a clever supply chain. We will need to call upon our global scale, international resources, local insight and a continuous flow of the best talent. And, once again, the success of this enterprise is based on something very simple: if people love what we bake, they will want to buy from us.